Telehealth Sessions

Morning Light Counseling has provided telehealth sessions (through phone and/or Zoom) for the past several years.

This has been an important option for many people who have been unable to come for in-person sessions, due to distance, health, weather conditions, etc.

Now, of course, telehealth is more important than ever, when many are concerned about their health and safety.

Telehealth through phone is convenient, easy, and personal.  Telehealth through Zoom is a little more complicated, but adds many benefits, including a visual element, and the ability to share additional information through chat or screen sharing.  

You schedule a telehealth session in exactly the same way as an in-person session, and payment is the same.  Just specify your format preference (Zoom, phone, or in-person) when you schedule your appointment, so your counselor will know how to reach you.

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Telehealth sessions are accessible
from the online appointment scheduler: