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Morning Light Counseling offers a powerful new resource – an extensive online Counseling Library. This archive of books, articles, videos, handouts, and other helpful resources is intended for clients at Morning Light Counseling and their families, to support and expedite the treatment process.

It is also intended for former clients, students in Carrie Wrigley‘s classes, and the general public.  For all these, it can support the ongoing process of healing, growth, and learning through a range of challenges. Its central purpose is “Helping You Help Yourself - and Those You Love.”

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The Resource Library is organized into three main sections:

1) “Healing” (for information about recovery from depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.);
2) “Relationships” (for resources to strengthen marriage, parenting, communication, etc.); and
3) “Wellness” (for resources to help prevent emotional problems and maintain happiness and balance.

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The library contains many subtopics in each of these main sections – each with its own list of “Best Books” Carrie recommends in therapy and in classes on these topics. The library also features an extensive online Bookstore, powered by, with links to many books (hand-selected by Carrie) that represent the best of the best in each topic area identified on the site.

“Related Links,” listed on every page of the site, lead to a vast treasurehouse of additional resources for study and learning. LDS Articles provide additional resources of interest to LDS visitors. The site is supported by a powerful Search feature that makes finding the right resource quick and easy.

It is hoped that this site can be a helpful resource
for Morning Light Counseling clients -
and for many others

This sister site contains information about the kinds of approaches Carrie takes in therapy, and provides resources for clients to help themselves between sessions, and to continue to help themselves stay well and happy, even after therapy is concluded.

The Library is also open to the public, as a public service, to assist people around the world in locating information to help themselves and their loved ones resolve personal, relationship, and family challenges. 
The Library also contains information on building wellness and resilience, to make the emergence or re-emergence of these problems less likely. 

Visit Counseling Library today, to put these resources to work in your life and family.

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